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River Clinic Oriental Medicine

Markham Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine--River Clinic, Richmond Hill, Scarborough正體字 - Chinese Traditional简体字 - Chinese Simplified日本語 - Japanese
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Herbal Therapy

Herbal Therapy is based on classical Chinese herbal medicine that has been practiced safely and effectively since the Han Dynasty for around 2000 years.

An herbalist can determine disorders in the body by carefully observing the patient’s tongue and face for signs that the body reveals when it is sick. He will also take a detailed assessment of each patient’s pulse (taken from the wrist) and abdomen to determine imbalances between Qi-energy, blood, and other energies such as yin and yang in different organ systems within the body.

A customized herbal formulation made up of a cocktail of different single herbs will be created for each patient’s personal condition to relieve unpleasant symptoms and correct root causes of their disease.

Herbal formulations can be prepared for patients in traditional raw form. Raw herbs are boiled in water to extract its active ingredients into a medicinal tea. Should patients lack the time to cook the herbs, they are also available in convenient pre-extracted granule form that can be dissolved in hot water then taken as instructed.
Medicinal teas are typically taken 2-3 times a day with the duration depending on the acute or chronic nature of each patient’s personal condition. Patients can expect to return for follow up assessments so that an herbalist can make adjustments to your formulation. Adjusting the formulation is important in order to tailor the treatment as your disorder improves, minimize side-effects and prevent habituation where your body adapts to the same formulation causing the efficacy of the herbs to plateau. Herbal Therapy
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